For Participants


Tuesday August 14th


Wednesday August 15th

The main conference is held at Catalina Casino.

8:40-9:30 Invited talk - Tom Mitchell Cancelled
8:30-9:15 Breakfast
9:15-9:30 Opening Remarks
9:30-10:30 Session 1 - Bandits, sequential decision theory (Chair: Ron Parr)
161 PAC-Bayesian Inequalities for Martingales
Y. Seldin, F. Laviolette, N. Cesa-Bianchi, J. Shawe-Taylor, P. Auer
123 Selecting Computations: Theory and Applications
N. Hay, S. E. Shimony, D. Tolpin, S. Russell
262 Dynamic Teaching in Sequential Decision Making Environments
T. Walsh, S. Goschin
10:30-11:00 Coffee
11:00-12:00 Session 2 - Approximate Inference (Chair: David Sontag)
213 Optimally-Weighted Herding is Bayesian Quadrature
F. Huszar, D. Duvenaud
271 Exploiting compositionality to explore a large space of model structures
R. Grosse, R. Salakhutdinov, W. Freeman, J. Tenenbaum
11 Exploiting Unifrom Assignments in First-Order MPE
U. Apsel, R. Brafman
12:00-1:30 Lunch
1:30-2:30 Invited talk - Bill Macready
2:30-3:10 Session 3 - Ranking and optimization (Chair: Lihong Li)
44 Latent Structured Ranking
J. Weston, J. Blitzer
282 Non-Convex Rank Minimization via an Empirical Bayesian Approach
D. Wipf
3:10-3:30 Poster spotlights
3:30-5:30 Posters

Thursday August 16th

The main conference is held at Catalina Casino.

7:45-8:30 Breakfast
8:30-9:30 Invited talk - Pedro Felzenszwalb
9:30-10:30 Session 1 - Applications (Chair: Ben Taskar)
102 Video In Sentences Out
A. Barbu, A. Bridge, Z. Burchill, D. Coroian, S. Dickinson, S. Fidler, A. Michaux, S. Mussman, S. Narayanaswamy, D. Salvi, L. Schmidt, J. Shangguan, J. Siskind, J. Waggoner, S. Wang, Y. Yin, Z. Zhang
61 Graphical-model Based Multiple Testing under Dependence, with Applications to Genome-wide Association Studies
J. Liu, C. Zhang, C. McCarty, P. Peissig, E. Burnside, D. Page
146 Toward Large-Scale Agent Guidance in an Urban Taxi Service
L. Agussurja, H. C. Lau
10:30-11:00 Coffee
11:00-12:00 Session 2 - RL, decision theory (Chair: Nevin Zhang)
269 Value Function Approximation in Noisy Environments using Locally Smoothed Regularized Approximate Linear Programs
G. Taylor, R. Parr
193 Active Imitation Learning via Reduction
K. Judah, A. Fern, T. Dietterich
163 Belief Propagation for Structured Decision Making
Q. Liu, A. Ihler
12:00-12:45 Business meeting
12:00-1:45 Lunch
1:45-2:30 Summary of the Pascal approximate inference competition
2:30-3:10 Session 3 - Approximate Inference (Chair: Emily Fox)
83 An Efficient Message-Passing Algorithm for the M-Best MAP Problem
D. Batra
160 Uniform Solution Sampling Using a Constraint Solver As an Oracle
S. Ermon, C. Gomes, B. Selman
3:10-3:30 Poster spotlights
3:30-5:30 Posters
6:00-10:00 Banquet at the Casino Ballroom (moved from the Descanso Beach club)

Friday August 17th

The main conference is held at Catalina Casino.

7:45-8:30 Breakfast
8:30-9:30 Invited talk - Alex Gray
9:30-10:30 Session 1 - Optimization and learning (Chair: Brian Milch)
231 Hokusai - Sketching Streams in Real Time
S. Matusevych, A. Smola, A. Ahmed
126 New Advances and Theoretical Insights into EDML
K. Refaat, A. Choi, A. Darwiche
298 Algorithms for Approximate Minimization of the Difference Between Submodular Functions, with Applications
R. Iyer, J. Bilmes
10:30-11:00 Coffee
11:00-12:00 Session 2 - Game theory (Chair: Alex Smola)
72 Self-Confirming Price Prediction Strategies for Simultaneous One-Shot Auctions
M. Wellman, E. Sodomka, A. Greenwald
246 Designing Informative Securities
Y. Chen, M. Ruberry, J. W. Vaughan
80 Probability and Asset Updating using Bayesian Networks for Combinatorial Prediction Markets
W. Sun, R. Hanson, C. Twardy, K. Laskey
12:00-1:30 Lunch
1:30-1:50 Recognition of Judea Pearl's Turing Award (various speakers)
1:50-2:30 Invited talk - Judea Pearl
2:30-3:10 Session 3 - Causality (Chair: Ricardo Silva)
162 Causal Discovery of Linear Cyclic Models from Multiple Experimental Data Sets with Overlapping Variables
A. Hyttinen, F. Eberhardt, P. Hoyer
234 A Bayesian Approach to Constraint Based Causal Inference
T. Claassen, T. Heskes
3:10-3:30 Poster spotlights
3:30-5:30 Posters

Saturday August 18th


Poster Spotlights


254 Sample-efficient Nonstationary Policy Evaluation for Contextual Bandits
M. Dudik, J. Langford, L. Li, D. Erhan
253 Deterministic MDPs with Adversarial Rewards and Bandit Feedback
O. Dekel, A. Tewari, R. Arora
211 Response Aware Model-Based Collaborative Filtering
G. Ling, H. Yang, M. Lyu, I. King
208 Uncertain Congestion Games with Assorted Human Agent Populations
A. Ahmed, P. Varakantham, S. Cheng
57 Markov Chains on Orbits of Permutation Groups
M. Niepert
73 Weighted Sets of Probabilities and Minimax Weighted Expected Regret : New Approaches for Representing Uncertainty and Making Decisions
J. Halpern, S. Leung


302 Join-graph based cost-shifting schemes
A. Ihler, N. Flerova, L. Otten, R. Dechter
280 Efficiently Searching for Frustrated Cycles in MAP Inference
D. Sontag, D. K. Choe, Y. Li
247 A Cluster-Cumulant Expansion at the Fixed Points of Belief Propagation
M. Welling, A. Gelfand, A. Ihler
97 Variational Dual-Tree Framework for Large-Scale Transition Matrix Approximation
S. Amizadeh, B. Thiesson, M. Hauskrecht
9 A Slice Sampler for Restricted Hierarchical Beta Process with Applications to Shared Subspace Learning
S. Gupta, D. Phung, S. Venkatesh
94 Generalized Belief Propagation on Tree Robust Structured Region Graphs
A. Gelfand, M. Welling


308 Closed-Form Learning of Markov Networks from Dependency Networks
D. Lowd
292 A Spectral Algorithm for Latent Junction Trees
A. Parikh, L. Song, M. Ishteva, G. Teodoru, E. Xing
290 Learning Mixtures of Submodular Shells with Application to Document Summarization
J. Bilmes, H. Lin
272 Factorized multi-modal topic model
S. Virtanen, Y. Jia, A. Klami, T. Darrell
248 Nested Markov Properties for Acyclic Directed Mixed Graphs
T. Richardson, J. Robins, I. Shpitser
242 Latent Dirichlet Allocation Uncovers Spectral Characteristics of Drought Stressed Plants
M. Wahabzada, K. Kersting, C. Bauckhage, C. Ršmer, A. Ballvora, F. Pinto, U. Rascher, J. Leon, L. PlŸmer



119 Latent Composite Likelihood Learning for the Structured Canonical Correlation Model
R. Silva
139 Combining local search techniques and path following for bimatrix games
M. Rocco, N. Gatti, T. Sandholm, G. Patrini
150 Exploiting Structure in Cooperative Bayesian Games
F. Oliehoek, S. Whiteson, M. Spaan
167 A Model-Based Approach to Rounding in Spectral Clustering
A. H. Liu, N. Zhang, L. K. M. Poon, T. Liu
175 Fast Graph Construction Using Auction Algorithm
J. Wang, Y. Xia
212 Plackett-Luce regression: A new Bayesian model for polychotomous data
C. Archambeau, F. Caron
237 Bayesian Structure Learning for Markov Random Fields with a Spike and Slab Prior
Y. Chen, M. Welling
261 Sparse Q-learning with Mirror Descent
B. Liu, S. Mahadevan
274 Spectrum Identification using a Dynamic Bayesian Network Model of Tandem Mass Spectra
A. Singh, J. Halloran, J. Bilmes, K. Kirchoff, W. Noble
320 A Case Study in Complexity Estimation: Towards Parallel Branch-and-Bound over Graphical Models
L. Otten, R. Dechter
166 The Complexity of Approximately Solving Influence Diagrams
D. Maua, C. de Campos, M. Zaffalon
29 FHHOP: A Factored Hybrid Heuristic Online Planning Algorithm for Large POMDPs
Z. Zhang, X. Chen
46 A Maximum Likelihood Approach For Selecting Sets of Alternatives
A. Procaccia, S. Reddi, N. Shah
96 Tightening Fractional Covering Upper Bounds on the Partition Function for High-Order Region Graphs
T. Hazan, J. Peng, A. Shashua
195 Markov Determinantal Point Processes
R. H. Affandi, A. Kulesza, E. Fox
215 Incentive Decision Processes
S. Reddi, E. Brunskill
249 Hilbert Space Embeddings of POMDPs
Y. Nishiyama, A. Boularias, A. Gretton, K. Fukumizu
51 Semantic Understanding of Professional Soccer Commentaries
H. Hajishirzi, M.Rastegari, A. Farhadi, J. Hodgins


313 Learning to Rank With Bregman Divergences and Monotone Retargeting
S.Acharyya, O.Koyejo, J. Ghosh
322 Lifted Relational Variational Inference
J. Choi, E. Amir
223 Unsupervised Joint Alignment and Clustering using Bayesian Nonparametrics
M. Mattar, A. Hanson, E. Learned-Miller
6 Dynamic Stochastic Orienteering Problems for Risk-Aware Applications
H. C. Lau, W. Yeoh, P. Varakantham, D. T. Nguyen, H. Chen.
76 Efficient MRF Energy Minimization via Adaptive Diminishing Smoothing
B. Savchynskyy, S. Schmidt, J. Kappes, C. Schnoerr
88 An Approximate Solution Method for Large Risk-Averse Markov Decision Processes
D. Subramanian, M. Petrik
92 Computing Optimal Security Strategies for Interdependent Assets
J. Letchford, Y. Vorobeychik
110 Decentralized Data Fusion and Active Sensing with Mobile Sensors for Modeling and Predicting Spatiotemporal Traffic Phenomena
J. Chen, B. K. H. Low, C. K. Tan, A. Oran, P. Jaillet, J. Dolan, K. Rajan, R. Graham, G. Sukhatme
122 Learning STRIPS Operators from Noisy and Incomplete Observations
K. Mourao, L. Zettlemoyer, R. Petrick, M. Steedman
129 Lifted Relax, Compensate and then Recover: From Approximate to Exact Lifted Probabilistic Inference
G. Broeck, A. Choi, A. Darwiche
144 Guess Who Rated This Movie: Identifying Users Through Subspace Clustering
N. Fawaz, S. Ioannidis, A. Montanari, A. Zhang
152 DBN-Based Combinatorial Resampling for Articulated Object Tracking
S. Dubuisson, C. Gonzales, X. S. Nguyen
153 Local Structure Discovery in Bayesian Networks
T. NiinimŠki, P. Parviainen
173 From imprecise probability assessments to conditional probabilities with quasi additive classes of conditioning events
G. Sanfilippo
196 Spectral Estimation of Conditional Random Graph Models for Large-Scale Network Data
A. Freno, M. Keller, G. Garriga, M. Tommasi
201 Heuristic Ranking in Tightly Coupled Probabilistic Description Logics
T. Lukasiewicz, M. V. Martinez, G. Orsi, G. Simari
218 Multi-objective influence diagrams
R. Marinescu, N. Wilson, A. Razak


227 Bayesian Vote Manipulation: Optimal Strategies and Impact on Welfare
T. Lu, P. Tang, A. Procaccia, C. Boutilier
236 Leveraging Side Observations in Stochastic Bandits
S. Caron, B. Kveton, M. Lelarge, S. Bhagat
265 Budget Optimization for Sponsored Search: Censored Learning in MDPs
K. Amin, M. Kearns, P. Key, A. Schwaighofer
266 Graph-Coupled HMMs for Modeling the Spread of Infection
W. Dong, K. Heller, A. Pentland
286 Scaling Up Decentralized MDPs Through Heuristic Search
J. Dibangoye, C. Amato, A. Doniec
291 Fast Exact Inference for Recursive Cardinality Models
D. Tarlow, K. Swersky, R. Zemel, R. Adams, B. Frey
294 Inferring Strategies from Limited Reconnaissance in Real-time Strategy Games
J. Hostetler, E. Dereszynski, T. Dietterich, A. Fern
306 A Theory of Goal-Oriented MDPs with Dead Ends
A. Kolobov, M. Mausam, D. Weld
309 Crowdsourcing Control: Moving Beyond Multiple Choice
C. Lin, M. Mausam, D. Weld
311 Interdependent Defense Games: Modeling Interdependent Security under Deliberate Attacks
H. Chan, L. Ortiz
310 Integrated Nested Laplace Approximation for Bayesian Nonparametric Phylodynamics
J. P. Roman, V. Minin
132 Detecting Change-Points in Time Series by Maximum Mean Discrepancy of Ordinal Pattern Distributions
M. Sinn, A. Ghodsi, K. Keller
36 Causal Inference by Surrogate Experiments
E. Bareinboim, J. Pearl
45 Active Learning with Distributional Estimates
J. Roeder, B. Nadler, K. Kunzmann, F. Hamprecht
74 Predicting the behavior of interacting humans by fusing data from multiple sources
E. Schlicht, R. Lee, D. Wolpert, M. Kochenderfer, B. Tracey
79 Nested Dictionary Learning for Hierarchical Organization of Imagery and Text
L. Li, X. Zhang, M. Zhou, L. Carin
100 An Improved Admissible Heuristic for Finding Optimal Bayesian Networks
C. Yuan, B. Malone
113 Mechanism Design for Cost Optimal PAC Learning in the Presence of Strategic Noisy Annotators
D. Garg, S. Bhattacharya, S. Sellamanickam, S. Shevade