UAI 2021 - Conflicts of Interest

Authors, reviewers and meta-reviewers will be asked to separately enter two types of conflicts into CMT: domain conflicts and individual conflicts. All declared conflicts will only be used for UAI 2021.

A domain conflict should be used for your current or recent employment or graduate institution, where recent means within the last three years. For current or recent collaborations, including internships, you should generally use individual conflicts (please see below). Each co-author of a submission is required to log in to CMT and enter domain conflicts. If an author enters a domain conflict, none of their submissions are visible to reviewers and meta-reviewers who also enter this domain. Please note that CMT does not automatically add the domain from your email address, so you have to add it manually. If an institution has multiple domains (e.g., and, please enter all of them. Please do NOT enter the domain of email providers (i.e.,,, etc). Conflict domains should be separated by semicolons (e.g.,;

The following constitute individual conflicts: (i) family relationship or close personal relationship, (ii) graduate advisee/advisor relationship, or (iii) any current, recent, or recurring collaboration (including grants and internships), where recent means within the last three years. Please enter your conflicts as soon as possible (and certainly before the paper deadline).

Updated February 10th 2021
UAI 2021 Program Chairs

(Similar information regarding conflicts of interest have been documented by other conferences, such as UAI 2020, ICLR 2020, ICML 2020 and NeurIPS 2020. Parts of the content have been taken from these documents.)