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UAI 2015 - Travel and Local Info

Map of UAI locations: includes conference venue, banquet, possible lunch and dinner options close to the venue (most are <15 mins from the venue) with food type and average price.

How to get to the venue from Schiphol Airport

There are two choices:
  1. Slightly faster (~20 minutes): take a train to Amsterdam Zuid and then change to metro 51 (direction Centraal) to Amstel Station.
  2. Slightly slower (~25 minutes), but passing through the center: take a train to Amsterdam Centraal and then change to metro 51 (direction Westwijk) to Amstel Station.
From Amstel station, there is a short walk (~10 minutes) to Hotel Casa 400.

How to get to the venue from the center

From Amsterdam Centraal the fastest option is metro 51 (direction Westwijk) to Amstel Station. For the other options, consult (better routing algorithms) or Google maps.

Please look on the hotel website for more information on road and transport.

How to pay for public transportation in the Netherlands

There are multiple possibilities to use public transportation to get places in and around Amsterdam. We recommend the "Anonymous OV-chipcard" (OV-chipkaart). This card can be bought from bookstores, newspaper and tobacco stores as well as from automatic dispensers in places like the Schipol airport, the Centraal Station or the Amstel Station near Casa400. It costs 7.50 Euro plus a precharged amount of 10 Euro. The card can be used on all means of transportation (bus, metro, tram, and even train) and can be recharged at machines placed in the stations. Note that there is a .50 Euro charge for using a credit card instead of a debit card.

A trip with the card within Amsterdam costs around 2 Euro depending on the distance travelled (eg longer trips on the bus or train will cost more (for example to Amsterdam Central to Schiphol will be €4,10, up to about 25 EUR for a trip to the other side of the country). VERY IMPORTANT: you must "check in" by touching the card to the pink card readers when you get on a bus or into a metro station. You must also "check out" on the same type of card readers when you leave the bus or the station. If you forget to check out, you can be over-charged.

Other alternatives are the 24h card that costs 7.50 Euro, 48h for 12 Euro, or a 1h card for 2.90 Euro, which are only valid within Amsterdam.

More information on public transportation can be found at

Local tourist information

A classic guide to Amsterdam:

Website of the Amsterdam tourist board: I Amsterdam Website

To have lunch at Casa400

You need to make a reservation ahead of time as the restaurant can only accomodate up to 60 people. David, the hotel manager in charge of UAI 2015 will take reservation each morning during the coffee break in the first floor foyer, near the coffee stand.


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