UAI 2022 - Eindhoven Hotels and Hotspots

Welcome to Eindhoven! We are looking forward to meeting all our international UAI research friends again, in person, in this Southeastern Dutch city. See here for an overview of what Eindhoven has to offer!


Eindhoven has a few dozen hotels encompassing hundreds of rooms. These hotels come in all shapes and price classes, so there will be a solution for every budget. These are the hotels recommended by the municipality of Eindhoven. The page allows you to filter on the distance from the city center; this is a good proxy for the distance to the conference venue too.

Culture and Design

As a proud member of the top-five biggest cities in the Netherlands, Eindhoven has a wide-ranging cultural offer. To see how we used to live way back when, visit het Prehistorisch Dorp: a replica of the local prehistoric village. To dive into modern art, you might be interested in the collections at het Van Abbemuseum. Eindhoven is also the birthplace of some world-famous companies: learn how Philips grew from a light bulb factory to a multinational conglomerate, and see the rally cars and trucks manufactured at DAF. For a larger overview of Eindhoven's culture, design, and entertainment, see here.

Food and Drinks

The Netherlands is mostly a beer country. Eindhoven has some local breweries too. These are the best places to sit down and treat yourself to a local drink. If you're not into beer, Eindhoven also has quite a few cocktail bars. If all this talk of beverages has made you hungry instead of thirsty, why not explore some of our vegan and vegetarian restaurants? But also pescetarians and carnivores can find plenty of nice places to eat.