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UAIWiki's TWiki web The Documentation Web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2018 by contributing authors Mark Crowley [] Mark Crowley [] UAIWiki TWiki.TWiki UAI Web.TWiki TWikiTemplates TOC STARTINCLUDE # TWiki Templates Definition of the templates used to render all HTML pages displayed in TWiki Overview The new modular template system offers flexible ... (last changed by MarkCrowley) 2009-12-16T21:00Z MarkCrowley 1.26 updated major NewUserTemplate WIKINAME Welcome WIKINAME , this is your personal part of the UAIWiki Web. If you username does not show up in RealMembersGroup you have not yet been approved to ... (last changed by MarkCrowley) 2009-12-16T20:54Z MarkCrowley 1.13 updated major TWikiRegistration Registration Viewing pages requires no registration. To edit pages on the UAI Wiki, you must have a registered user name and password. Due to a recent aggressive ... (last changed by MarkCrowley) 2009-12-16T20:31Z MarkCrowley 1.19 updated major WebBottomBar WEBCOPYRIGHT var gaJsHost (("https:" document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape(" 3Cscript src '" gaJsHost "google-analytics ... (last changed by MarkCrowley) 2008-01-15T22:26Z MarkCrowley 1.2 updated major WebTopBar Jump: (last changed by MarkCrowley) 2007-01-06T23:07Z MarkCrowley 1.13 updated major ResetPassword Request for reset of password STARTINCLUDE Please only use this ResetPassword form in case you really forgot your password. Otherwise just change it using ChangePassword ... (last changed by MarkCrowley) 2006-07-11T15:09Z MarkCrowley 1.8 updated major ChangePassword Change password STARTINCLUDE Forgot your old password? Then use ResetPassword instead. Your TWIKIWEB .WikiName: Old password: New password: Retype new password: ... (last changed by MarkCrowley) 2006-07-11T15:07Z MarkCrowley 1.9 updated major LatexModePlugin LatexModePlugin This LaTeX Mode TWiki Plugin allows you to include LaTeX mark up commands within a TWiki page. It uses external programs (specifically latex, dvips ... (last changed by MarkCrowley) 2006-03-27T23:58Z MarkCrowley 1.3 updated major WebHome Help using the UAI Wiki TOC{depth "2"} Here you will find all that you need to start using the Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence Wiki. It uses a software package ... (last changed by MarkCrowley) 2006-03-26T06:54Z MarkCrowley 1.91 updated major WikiCulture FAQ: Everybody can edit any page, this is scary. Doesn"t that lead to chaos? Answer: TWiki is one of many WikiWikiClones, the first one was built by Ward Cunningham ... (last changed by MarkCrowley) 2006-03-26T06:13Z MarkCrowley 1.11 updated major TWikiTutorial TOC STARTINCLUDE # 20-Minute TWiki Tutorial This step-by-step, hands-on tutorial gets you up to speed with all the TWikiSite basics, in mere minutes ... 1. Get set ... (last changed by MarkCrowley) 2006-03-26T06:12Z MarkCrowley 1.16 updated major TWikiUserAuthentication TOC STARTINCLUDE # TWiki User Authentication TWiki site access control and user activity tracking options TWiki does not authenticate users internally, it depends ... (last changed by MarkCrowley) 2006-03-26T06:09Z MarkCrowley 1.22 updated major EditTablePlugin Edit Table Plugin This plugin allows you to edit TWiki tables using edit fields and drop down boxes. Tables have an Edit table button if preceeded by an EDITTABLE ... (last changed by MarkCrowley) 2006-03-26T06:09Z MarkCrowley 1.12 updated major GoodStyle GoodStyle Collaboration Tips TWiki has a very simple TWikiShorthandtext formatting shorthand . In any case, you won"t go wrong if you simply: start each line without ... (last changed by MarkCrowley) 2006-03-26T06:08Z MarkCrowley 1.12 updated major WebLeftBarCookbook WebLeftBar Cookbook Instructions and tips how to use WebLeftBarPersonalTemplate . !WebLeftBarPersonalTemplate is a topic template to create a personal left bar block ... (last changed by MarkCrowley) 2006-03-26T06:07Z MarkCrowley 1.4 updated major FileAttachment TOC STARTINCLUDE # File Attachments Each topic can have one or more files of any type attached to it by using the Attach screen to upload (or download) files from ... (last changed by MarkCrowley) 2006-03-26T06:07Z MarkCrowley 1.16 updated major
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