Wiki Tricks

A concise page for useful tricks and shortcuts in the wiki found by users.


LaTeX? formatting is now enabled on the UAIWiki! See documentation on how to use it in your Wiki pages.

Here are the basics:

To get an inline formula such as $V^\pi(s) = \sum_a \pi(s,a) \sum_{s'} \mathcal{P}^a_{ss'}(\mathcal{R}^a_{ss'} + \gamma V^\pi(s'))$ you can type

%$V^\pi(s) = \sum_a \pi(s,a) \sum_{s'} \mathcal{P}^a_{ss'}(\mathcal{R}^a_{ss'} + \gamma V^\pi(s'))$%

This isn't inline

\[\sum_a \pi(s,a) \sum_{s'} \mathcal{P}^a_{ss'}\]

Get this by typing

 %\[\sum_a \pi(s,a) \sum_{s'} \mathcal{P}^a_{ss'}\]%

And to get document level structures and anything else try the following:

  \item Item $\alpha$.
  \item Item $\beta$.

which gives you

  \begin{enumerate}   \item Item $\alpha$.   \item Item $\beta$. \end{enumerate}


  • PICK : get this by entering PICK or PICK
  • DONE : enter DONE or DONE
  • DONE : enter DONE or DONE


  • disable wiki word : to avoid any word with mixed captilization, like LaTeX, from turning into a link, put an exclamation mark in front (eg. !!LaTex).

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