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Welcome to the official WikiWikiCloneswiki? of the Association for Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (http://www.auai.orgAUAI ). The idea behind having a wiki on the AUAI website is to allow a more collaborative and up to date resource for those in the UAI research community. This site can be modified by evreyone in the community so that it is always a comprehensive and accurate resource for the UAI community.

In order to edit a page you must first TWikiRegistrationregister?. Your user name should be a your full name as a WikiWordWikiWord? with no spaces. This allows changes to be attributed and tracked to the right editors. Take a moment after registering to fill in some information on your personal page so that it is available to the community to access.


The content and structure of this site will be largely up to the community. The following links and pages are a starting point.

UAI links


Updating Info

  • The first thing you may want to do is update or add your information in UAIPeople.
  • Remember to always follow the UAIWikiPoliciesAndGuidelines.
  • Visit the WebHomeHelp? web to find documentation and lots of tips on using this wiki.
  • Visit WantedPages to see which pages need the most attention.
  • Check out WikiTricks for tips gathered by other users, or add your own tricks for using the wiki.
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