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UAI Wiki Policies and Guidelines

The UAI Wiki Policies and Guidelines are written by the community (like the rest of the Wiki). If you have suggestions about how these policies and guildlines should be changed, please post your suggestions to the UAI Wiki Policies and Guideline Suggestions? page, where we can discuss the proposed changes. See the Wikipedia Policies and Guidelines for some useful suggesions. If you have a an urgent question or suggestion you can also ContactTheAdministrator.

Here are some rules:

  • The UAI Wiki is meant to contain information that is relevant to the UAI community. Other material should be removed.
  • Follow the Wikipedia Policies and Guidelines unless there is reason not to (and then document it, e.g., here).
  • Be polite. Don't assume that others are working in bad faith. Don't act in bad faith.
  • Don't change things just because you diaagree. Hopefully, we can get to a place where changes converge, even if that means that the different opinions are explained as different opinions.
  • Advertising of your own work or (UAI-related) product is welcome as long as it is brief, informative and at the appropriate place. A one sentence overview (with a pointer to the abstract or paper) is appropriate for a research paper. Feel free to edit overly long descriptions.
  • Arguments and opinions are encouraged as long as they are marked as such. Let's try to build the strongest arguments for each position that we can; do not try to make your point by weakening the (valid) arguments of those whose views you do not agree with.
  • The name of the page should be the singular. For example CausalNetwork rather than causal networks. Let's try to only make one page to each topic; we don't want a different page for every different name that some topic could be called. It is appropriate to forward one page to another.
  • We don't want any pages to be too long, so feel free to reorganize. Please do not destroy other people's contributions (unless they are inappropriate or overly long).
  • We expect that there will not be a single hierarchy that is appropriate for describing the research that goes on. We expect multiple organizations of the research. The same research may be described along different branches, and we expect the same pages to be reached via different routes. Please don't try to impose a strict hierarchy on the topics. Let many hierarchies exist together.
  • This is not an appropriate place to write a paper. A wiki article is not a publication. If you want to write a paper, put it on your web site and point to it, with a one sentence description at the appropriate place. Get it published; people will take much more notice of it if it has gone through peer review. This is a good place to write about other people's research. Again, a one sentence description of a published paper (with a pointer) is probably appropriate.

How to use the Wiki

  • See the Help Web in the left menu bar for documentation on how to use this Wiki.

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