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UAI Research Groups By Country

Please add your research group here. Please keep the countries in alphabetical order. Please keep the groups in the country in alphabetical order. Give a link and a brief (one sentence) overview of the research interests.


  • CoMo is the Computational Modeling lab of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. A part of the CoMo? lab is performing active research on Bayesian Networks and Causality in single- and multi-agent settings.
  • IRIDIA is the AI Lab of the Universit» Libre de Bruxelles in Brussels, Belgium. IRIDIA is actively involved in: (i) the study of the foundations, implementation and applications of the theory of belief functions; and (ii) the development and application of fuzzy sets theory, neural networks and genetic algorithms to intelligent control and learning.




  • The Uncertainty Treatment in Artificial Intelligence Group at the University of Granada (Spain). Working in dependence networks (propagation algorithms, learning algorithms, conditional independence), numerical representation of uncertainty (probability theory, convex sets of probabilities, upper and lower probabilities, Dempster-Shafer theory of evidence, possibility theory) and decision theory (decision under incomplete information, decision with linguistic labels)


  • The TCS (Theoretical Computer Science) Group, University of Fribourg. Research Topics: Reasoning under Uncertainty (Symbolic and Probabilistic Argumentation Systems, ABEL, Bayesian Networks, Fuzzy Control), Foundations of Information Systems (Mathematical Theory of Information Systems),Deductive Systems for Formal Verification of Logic Programs (Foundations and Implementation), Linear Programming (Modeling Language LPL).


  • The Decision Systems Laboratory at the School of Information Sciences, Intelligent Systems Program, and Medical Informatics Training Program, University of Pittsburgh. The DSL provides a repository of UAI proceedings, and as a community service have been developing GeNIe? and SMILE, programs implementing Bayesian networks and influence diagrams. These are available free of charge for non-commercial research, teaching, and personal use.
  • The Decision Theory Group at Microsoft Research investigates theoretical and practical challenges with the management of uncertainty and automated decision making, with a focus on methods for enhancing the design and operation of computational systems.

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