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UAI Associated Companies

There are many UAI-related companies. The ones who have told us what they do and how to readch them are (from the old site, please update links if you see any problems):

  • Thinkbank, Inc. provides consulting, custom software, and highly-leveraged solutions for the financial, telecommunications, and aerospace industries.
  • Hugin Expert A/S is the world's leading expert system software house in construction and execution of Belief Networks (also known as Bayesian Networks, or Causal Probabilistic Networks)
  • Knowledge Industries (KI) is the market leader in the development of probabilistic diagnostic systems.
  • Lumina Decision Systems, Inc. is a computer software and services company that develops and markets state-of-the-art software for modeling and decision support.
  • The Decision Theory Group at Microsoft Research investigates theoretical and practical challenges with the management of uncertainty and automated decision making, with a focus on methods for enhancing the design and operation of computational systems.
  • Norsys are making advanced belief network and influence diagram technology practical and affordable with their Netica product.
  • Prevision is a premier developer of Bayesian Network based inference and decision systems.

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