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UAI Application Workshop

The [UAI Application Workshop] is a meeting for practitioners of Bayesian modeling (especially Bayesian networks ) to get together and discuss practical issues that arise when putting theory into practice.

The following is the start of an open list of topics that are considered "open issues" by workshop participants:

Semantics?: Defining what terms mean clearly so that multiple experts can communicate.

DesignPatterns?: Frequently used idioms for building and using Bayesian networks .

Context?: How background information affects the problem of inference.

MultipleRepresentations?: Do we need multiple representations of a problem, or are Bayes nets good enough?

GroupInference?: How do techniques changes when we are interested drawing inferences about groups rather than individuals.

HumanComputerInteraction?: How can computer systems support users in the processes of building and using BayesianNetworks and other decision support systems.

OrganizationalBuy-in?: How to get participation and support from experts, end users, funders and other necessary to build a complex system.

ApplicationIntegration?: How to integrate a BayesianNetwork or other decision support system into a complex application.

This is meant to be an open forum for discussing practical issues.

Please feel free to add topics to this list.

Also, feel free to contribute on any of the topic pages, or start them if nobody else has done so yet!
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