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Viewing pages requires no registration. To edit pages on the UAI Wiki, you must have a registered user name and password.

In order to reduce SPAM accounts your registration needs to be vetted by the administrator manually. You will need to wait until the administrator puts your name in the Main.RealMembersGroup before you can edit any pages on the site. To make this happen faster you can email the administrator and convince them you are a human rather than a computer program (don't worry, this Turing test requires only a coherent sentence or two).

Also, if you see a user who is clearly an autogenerated SPAM account feel free to add them to Main.SpamGroup so they cannot add links to our website.

You can also change your password? or reset your password? if you've forgotten it.

To register as a new user, simply fill out this form:

First & last name: **
Your WikiName?: **
Email address: **
Your password: **
Retype password: **
Country: **
Comments :
     (Fields marked ** are required)

Submitting the form will automatically:

  • Create an account for you, so that you can start editing pages using your WikiName?.
  • Create your personal UAIWiki topic using your WikiName? as topic name, and add the data you submitted to the topic.
  • Add your name to the list of users in the TWikiUsers topic in the UAIWiki.Main web.
  • Send you a confirmation of your registration by email.

Once registered you can login using your WikiName? and password.

If you have any questions about registration, send an email to
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