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Peoples Annotated Overview Of UAI Research

This is meant to be an area where the community builds an overview of Uncertainty in AI research. It is meant for graduate students to tell us about interesting work they have encountered (although more seasoned researchers are more than welcome to contribute too). Surprisingly wikis seem to work! A good example is the Wikipedia. Hopefully there is enough interest for this one to grow into a useful resource.

Remeber to always follow the UAIWikiPoliciesAndGuidelines. Check out the old resources page for some ideas that might need some dusting off.


Intelligent agents face uncertainty whenever they need to decide what to do. The work is built on various foundations including, DecisionTheory?, ProbabilityTheory?, UtilityTheory?, PossibilityTheory?, Causality? ...


Probabilistic Representations

A BayesianBeliefNetwork is a representation of (in)dependence amongst random variables.


Relational Representations

Representations of Preferences and Utilities




See the UAIApplicationWorkshop page for discussion on issues applying Bayesian Modeling.
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