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Mark Crowley is a Master's student in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia under the supervision of [DavidPoole]. He is also pretty much the webmaster for this website. If you have any technical issues with the website or suggestions for changes you can contact him or [DavidPoole].

Go to EmailMark? to find out how to contact Mark.

Visit his homepage at!crowley



Current Research

Effect of Conditioning in Belief Networks

In Belief Networks , conditioning, or setting the state of some variables in the network, has well understood effects on the distributions in the network. There are several interesting effects however that seem to show up, especially in [Decision Networks] that are at first glance non-intuitive. I am exploring how these effects could be usefull for decision modeling.

Non-expected Utility Decision Making

Specifically the impact of theories in Psychology and Economics such as [Prospect Theory] that show ways to properly model people's behaviour in the situations where [Expected Utility Theory] has well known failures ?, [Alais' Paradox] is just one example of such a failure.
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